Folks! I’m thrilled to announce you my brand new assertion library playwright-expect. It intended for use with test runners such as Jest and Playwright Test.

Don’t confuse with the expect-playwright library, it’s not the same and it’s not a fork of it.

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First of all, the main reason why I built it was because I started working with Playwright a lot and faced a problem when I had to write tons of additional functions such as trimming…

Playwright logo

As you may have heard, Playwright team has just introduced Playwright Test runner in v1.12.0 version. It’s brand new test runner built from scratch by Playwright team specifically to accomplish major end-to-end testing needs such as:

  • Running your Playwright test automation scripts across all significant browsers;
  • Running tests in parallel;
  • Having pretty handy context isolation out of the box;
  • Saving your time by using fixtures;
  • Screenshot, video, traces, and many many other items for test failure.

So, I’ve decided to go through and share with you my brief overview of the major Playwright Test’s features.

Let’s install Playwright and Playwright…

Yevhen Laichenkov

Software Development Engineer In Test / Open source creator

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